But this game already has a devlog...

...Okay, fine. I'll do another one. Hello there, I am the sole creator of this game, GanguEevee~

I have finally decided to stop being lazy and upload This is a Game on Itch.io! Of course, this is obviously due to the fact that there's going to be a 2017 Indie Game Making Contest! I'm joining it, of course. Why would I not?...Okay, there's a few reasons why I would not, but who cares about them? I'm going to make sure my entry actually makes it in on time and not before the dang deadline reaches it's climax. It may have been a while, since I have been doing other things, but I still know how to use VX Ace quite well and I'm gonna make sure my entry is actually a dang good one.

Right, uh...this was supposed to be some sort of devlog or something.

I have basically mentioned a bunch of this stuff on TIAG's GameJolt page and on my blog, but to summarize it:

  • I have many games in the works, the major one being Without Internet or Cable (WIOC), also known as The Game for People Without Internet or Cable. A sorta comedic and sorta dramatic game with a bunch of story and stuff. I've been trying to get a demo out on it for a while now, but uh...All I can say is that it will get a demo when I think it deserves a demo. The ending in TIAG is basically a teaser thing for WIOC.
  • Crystal(me) will reappear in WIOC, with a new room design and a side-quest that's related to the events of TIAG. She is also now sharing her room with two others: Nina Persona Char/NPC, a possibly run-of-the-mill NPC and Eruza Ybur, a bunny from one of my other games/stories.
  • WIOC will have a ton of new enemy portraits, cutscene pictures and more custom stuff that isn't related to the tile-sets!

Also, it's quite possible that the IGMC entry I'm going to make might be a sequel to TIAG...who knows? I'll think about it.


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Oct 05, 2017

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